There are three phases in the 20th Unilever IdeaTrophy - Future Edition and here they are! Ready to rethink for the future?


  1. Register from the Apply section by filling in your personal and contact information.
  2. Make a 120-second-long team introduction video and upload it. (Max. 100 MB.) (Click here to see a sample video for inspiration)
  3. Hit the submit button and complete your submission no later than 29 December 2021, Wednesday by 23.59.

    As a result of this phase, 25 teams to go through and to take part in the semi-final will be announced on 30 December 2021, Thursday by 23.59.


This phase will feature a case study for the participants to come up with creative ideas to rethink for the future together for better.

Individual applicants will be randomly assigned to teams and they will continue the 20th Unilever IdeaTrophy - Future Edition as a team from this phase. All teams will be randomly assigned to one of the three strategies of Unilever.

Teams entitled to participate in the Semi-Final will be provided with a marketing brief, which will be available in the Brief section of Unilever IdeaTrophy website on 30 December 2021, Thursday. From then on, teams will be preparing their presentation in response to the brief given.

During this phase, the semi-finalists will be able to watch “Open Your Mind” videos and access a library of documents, which will include useful hints, tips and insights from experts of the relevant fields. The videos will be uploaded shortly after the release of the brief and will be accessible using the username and the password created during the application.

The teams are expected to submit their semi-final presentations from the Submit section of the Unilever IdeaTrophy website no later than 11 January 2022, Tuesday, by 17.00.

Each team will have to join a video conferencing session with Unilever IdeaTrophy team on 12 January 2022, Wednesday during their assigned hour to do their presentation. Before the presentation, video conferencing details will be sent to the semi-finalists. Each team will have 7 minutes for their presentation and 2 minutes for questions.

As a result of these online sessions, 10 finalist teams will be announced on 13 January 2022, Thursday.


Finalist teams will be given an additional brief to improve their Semi-Final ideas.

The Final will be held virtually and start on 27 January 2022, Thursday, where the finalists will get to hear from inspirational speakers on an online platform in addition to receiving mentoring from Unilever Turkey team on their presentations and having the chance to review their presentations one last time through a video conferencing service.

The finalists will do their presentations to the Unilever Turkey Board again during a video conferencing session on 28 January 2022, Friday. All connection details will be sent to the finalists ahead of the given dates.

The winning team, the first and the second runners-up of the 20th Unilever IdeaTrophy - Future Edition will be announced on 28 January 2022, Friday during an online award ceremony and later will receive their prizes by postal mail.

The winning team will also get the opportunity to represent Turkey in the Global Unilever IdeaTrophy Competition in London in 2022. Though currently the event plans are underway as is, remember that all are subject to change according to the COVID-19 measures and government restrictions. Please note that the event was held online last year due to COVID-19 mobility restrictions – which again may be the case this year.