Ready to inspire the pleasure seekers with your spark of creativity in their journey to explore more? Well, before you start, you might want to have a look at the rules:

• Undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s students from all departments and levels of seniority registered at universities in Turkey can participate in the 19th Unilever IdeaTrophy - The Pleasure Edition with Magnum. Since all phases of the Unilever IdeaTrophy is online this year, students who are currently abroad for Erasmus Programme can also apply. But they will have to attend the UFLL event in London in 2021 if they are in the winning team.

• Participants can apply to the Unilever IdeaTrophy as team of three people.

• Each person can only be the member of one team. In case of a second application, only the first one will be considered.

• When filling in the application form, the teams will be asked for a username and a password which will be used to access to the Semi-Final and the Final content.

• Each team will have to decide on a main contact person with whom the Unilever IdeaTrophy administration can keep in touch throughout the 19th Unilever IdeaTrophy - The Pleasure Edition with Magnum.

• In order to apply to the 19th Unilever IdeaTrophy - The Pleasure Edition with Magnum, teams of three people will register from the Apply link on Unilever IdeaTrophy website by filling in the required personal and contact information, and submitting their answers to the questions in the application form, along with an introduction video (in the format of *.mpeg4/mpg4, the maximum file size of 100 MB and the maximum length of 120 seconds) in the English language 26 December 2020, Saturday, by 23.59.

Each team can only submit one written submission with one video. Once the form and video are submitted, it cannot be revised. A registration cannot be completed without completing the form and uploading a video. Remember, all team members should be present and talk in the introduction video. The written answers to questions will make up 70% and the introduction video 30% of the total score of the teams. As a result of this phase, 25 teams to go through and to take part in the semi-final will be announced on 28 December 2020, Monday.

• In the Semi-Final, the entitled teams will be preparing a presentation in response to the brief, which will be published in the Brief section on Unilever IdeaTrophy website on 28 December 2020, Monday. Only the teams selected for the semi-final will be able to access to the brief, using their usernames and passwords.

• The teams will be submitting their Semi-Final presentations from the submission form in the Submit section no later than 12 January 2021, Tuesday, by 17.00.

• As a part of the Semi-Final, each team will have to join video conferencing sessions with Unilever IdeaTrophy team on 13 January 2021, Wednesday during their assigned hour to do their presentations. Each team will have 7 minutes for their presentation and 2 minutes for questions. Each team will be notified of the time and day of their session, and connection details via e-mail before 12 January 2021, Tuesday.

• Finalist teams will be given an additional brief to improve their semi-final ideas. The final brief will be released on the Unilever IdeaTophy website on 14 January 2021, Thursday and will be accessible by the finalist teams using their usernames and passwords.

• The teams will be asked to attend the Final of the 19th Unilever IdeaTrophy - The Pleasure Edition with Magnum, which will be held virtually this year on 28-29 January 2021 due to ongoing COVID-19 measures. In the Final, the teams will be doing their presentations to the Unilever Türkiye Board. All team members must be present in the virtual Final and during the final presentation. At the end of the camp, three teams will be named as “the winning team”, “1st runner-up” and “2nd runner-up”.

• English is the language for all materials submitted or presented.

• Throughout the competition, teams will submit all necessary information via Unilever IdeaTrophy website which is on and all teams will be contacted via e-mail, and phone if necessary. Likewise, Unilever IdeaTrophy Administration will provide all necessary information on Unilever IdeaTrophy website and via e-mail.

• Submissions later than the deadlines or in formats other than the specified will not be accepted under any condition.

• The finalist team members of previous years are not allowed to apply again.

• In the case of being awarded with a visit abroad, participants should be eligible to obtain a valid visa for the specified country to claim their prizes. Though winning teams are supposed to represent Turkey in the UFLL event in London in 2021 and event plans are underway, all are subject to change according to COVID-19 measures and government restrictions.