Can we participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy as a team? Can we participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy individually?

You can participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy as a team of three. Individual applications are not admissible for this year’s competition.

Can we participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy as a team of two?

No. You can participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy only as a team of three people.

Can we change a team member in the Semi-Final or the Final?

No, you cannot remove/add a team member in any phase of the competition after completing your application.

Can I participate in the competition with more than one team?

No. You can be part of only one team.

Can I apply more than once?

No. Each participating team can only submit one application - which you will not be able to review and revise once you hit the submit button.

If I leave the page without hitting the submit button, will my information and my answers be saved until my next visit to the page?

You have to answer all the questions at once and submit them accordingly. If you hit submit button with missing answers, you will be scored based on the questions you answered.

How do you evaluate the applications? Will the video to be uploaded in application affect the score? I don’t know what to say in the video.

Your written answers to questions will make up 70% and your introduction video 30% of your total score. Click here to see a sample video for inspiration

We are having difficulty accessing the Internet. Can we submit after the deadline?

No. You must submit before the deadline.

Can we send our answers and video via e-mail?

No. You must submit everything using the form in the Apply section. Answers and videos sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

I could not watch any of the “Open Your Mind” videos. Will I lose any points because of this?

No, watching the videos is optional but they include useful hints, tips and insights about the brand and the brief. “Open Your Mind” videos will be uploaded a few days after the release of the semi-final brief. So do not forget to check back our website for updates.

I participated in the previous Unilever IdeaTrophy. Can I participate in this one?

Only the finalist team members of previous years cannot participate in Unilever IdeaTrophy again. So, if you were not a finalist, yes, you can.

Should all the team members be at the same class/ degree/ faculty/ university?

Students from different universities, classes and different faculties or undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s students may form a team.

Is Unilever IdeaTrophy only for students from specific faculties or specific majors?

No. It is a nationwide competition for all undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s students of universities in Turkey. Students who wish to apply must be above the age of 18.

When will the brief for the Semi-Final be given?

The brief for the Semi-Final will be released in the Brief section on March 21st, 2023 Tuesday Wednesday upon the announcement of the semi-finalists.

Can I change the strategy assigned to me in the Semi-Final for the Semi-Final or the Final?

No. The teams have to go through the Semi-Final and Final with the assigned strategy.

What do we have to do in the Semi-Final?

You will be preparing a presentation as a team according to the brief provided. You will have to submit your presentations no later than April 11st, 2023 by 17.00

Each team will have to join video conferencing sessions with Unilever IdeaTrophy team on April 12nd-13rd, 2023 during their assigned hour to present their cases. Each team will be notified of the time and day of their call, and the connection details via e-mail ahead of April 12nd-13rd, 2023

Will there be a live event for the Semi-Final? How will we present our cases?

No. You will only present your cases via a video conferencing service and necessary connection details will be forwarded to you via e-mail.

If I can not attend the live session at the time/day assigned, will I get a second chance? / Can we change the time/day of our video conferencing session?

Since there are 25 teams and limited time, you will not be able to change the time/day of your video conferencing session. The given time and day will have been fixed.

Is there a presentation template we are supposed to use while preparing our presentations? Will you provide an outline?

No, you will not be provided with a presentation template or an outline. However, in the brief, we will explain what we are looking for and you will need to make sure your presentation covers all of these.

In what format should the presentation be prepared?

The presentations should be prepared using Microsoft Powerpoint in the format of *.ppt or *.pptx

What are we expected to do for the Final? Will we receive a new brief?

For the Final, you will receive an additional brief based on the first one, and you will be expected to improve your semi-final ideas accordingly. You will have to finalize your presentations before the Final which will be held on May 4th-5th, 2023

Will I upload the Final Brief to the website?

Yes, you will upload the Final Brief to the website. You should finalize it since you will virtually gather with mentors from Unilever to review and improve your presentation before Final day.

Does every team member have to present at the Final?

All team members must be present and speak during the presentation at the Final event.

Will there be an event in London in 2023?

Yes, the UFLL event, where the winning team will also represent Turkey, will be held in London in 2023. Though the event plans are underway, all are subject to change according to COVID-19 measures and government restrictions.

I have a different question. How can I submit it?

We will gladly answer all your questions via or @unilevercareerstr on Instagram.