At Unilever, constantly rethinking everything we do is how we reshape the future for the better and we share one simple purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace.

We want to do more good for our planet and our society – not just less harm. We want to act on the social and environmental issues facing the world and we want to enhance people’s lives with our products.

Back in 1883, Sunlight Soap was launched in the UK by our founder – it was pioneering, it was innovative, and it had a purpose: to popularise cleanliness and bring it within reach of ordinary people. That was sustainable living, even then. We now have over 400 brands, and we are still driven by purpose.

We’ve been pioneers, innovators and future-makers for over 120 years – we plan to continue doing that. And we plan to do it sustainably.

This is how we will grow our business.

In line with this vision, we launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) a decade ago to transform our business processes at every step from field to shelf. The USLP was a first-of-its-kind in terms of its scope and ambition. Looking back, it has been quite some journey with many achievements that we can be proud of.

After a decade, the USLP is completed. But this is not the end. Our journey to make sustainable living commonplace continues.

We need to move even further, and faster. The challenges we need to tackle – climate change, plastic pollution, social inequality, improving health and wellbeing – are huge. They call for action that goes beyond the changes that one business can make alone

That’s why we launched Unilever Compass which lays the pathway for us to lead the movement of sustainable business globally – and to prove once and for all that sustainable business drives superior business performance.

Across all our household brands, spanning Home Care, Foods & Refreshment and Beauty & Personal Care, we are creating a bright future for our business and our planet. Contributing to Unilever Compass, each category has launched their own strategies.

Clean Future is how we are fundamentally changing the way that our cleaning and laundry products are created, manufactured and packaged. We’re reimagining the future of cleaning.

Positive Beauty is how we are setting out several progressive commitments and actions for our beauty and personal care brands will champion a new era of beauty which is equitable and inclusive, as well as sustainable for the planet.

Future Foods is how we pitch in to reduce the environmental impact of the global food chain and help people transition towards healthier diets