About Magnum

We know that when it comes to an indulgence treat, Pleasure Seekers want to liberate themselves for something unapologetic and truly & fully satisfying – breaking through judgement or inhibition to stay true to pleasure. They want that “great taste”, the experiential, superior, luxurious and ultimate pleasure because it’s the moment of rewarding themselves.

And Magnum is here for that as to Magnum, ice cream is an art – the art of indulgence.

From its introduction in 1989 in Germany, Magnum offers an exclusive ice cream treat for adults around the globe. Thanks to its chocolate coat and the iconic cracking chocolate, unique velvety ice cream and signature shape, Magnum ice cream is a timeless phenomenon. Over the years, it multiplied many variants of taste and shortly after its introduction to Turkish market in 1994, Magnum has reached its ultimate position among the top “indulging brands” of Turkey.

Sophisticated, rich and sensory Magnum celebrates the love of ice cream. With its trusted expertise on chocolate and pleasure, and never-ending pursuit of excellence, Magnum offers an intense and delightful ice cream experience to those who are true to pleasure; it summons people to a fulfilling experience of uncontained pleasure at initial crack and then at every bite.

Today, Magnum pleasure comes in several different forms of flavours and formats. Yet, the core Magnum pleasures
(classic, white and almond) still attract majority of the pleasure seekers all around the world with their simple & elegant
and satisfying indulgence experience. This core indulgence experience is placed not only at the heart of the brand
but also at the communication strategy. Each year, Magnum invites pleasure seekers to rediscover this
ultimate core pleasure experience:

Each year Magnum invites pleasure seekers to discover the new and exciting products - like the indulgent treats
Magnum Dark Bitter in 2017, Magnum Cherry Cherry in 2018, Magnum Ruby in 2019 and Magnum Cookie in 2020...

Magnum’s gift to pleasure seekers is sophisticated as the iconic ice cream itself. Each year, codes on the Magnum sticks lead pleasure seekers to ultimate gift of pleasure: premium cars with dazzling looks and breath-taking performance.
Millions of pleasure seekers participate in this tasteful rivalry.

Magnum wants to inspire pleasure seekers to indulge themselves not only on out of home occasions but also
at their homes as well. Magnum Mini is expertly crafted to accompany those in-home pleasure moments.

At Magnum, we believe a day without pleasure is a day lost. Thus, we want to inspire and enable people to overcome inhibitions that hold them back from being true to their pleasure and give them platforms to go show the world.
We are proud to collaborate almost every year with artists and celebrities who are true to their pleasure.

Want to discover more of this pleasure? Then visit: www.magnum.com.tr